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Many corporations have established organization-wide environmental policies to define and advance their commitment to these values. An environmental policy sends a clear message to employees, vendors, and the community at large. It’s a meaningful first step in any effort to improve an organization’s environmental performance. Consider implementing your own environmental policy using the sample policy below.

Sample Environmental Policy

Human activity can have harmful effects on ecological systems and public health by contributing to serious environmental concerns such as deforestation, global warming, water pollution, and biodiversity loss. Recognizing this, [our organization] is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting environmental stewardship at all levels of our organization. Our goal is to operate a world-class professional sports business and to provide an exciting experience for fans while minimizing our organization’s impact on the environment and helping to preserve the ability of future generations to safely live and play in our shared natural environment.

[Our organization] will strive to identify and purchase environmentally preferable supplies and services for all games and organization events where economically feasible. Wherever possible, [our organization] will strive to minimize pollution and waste, conserve energy and water, protect habitats, support renewable energy resources, buy environmentally friendly products, and encourage environmentally preferable transportation.

These efforts will extend to contractor and supplier relationships, where [our organization] will encourage contractors and suppliers serving or otherwise acting on behalf of the organization to meet our standards of environmental performance.

Employee understanding and involvement is essential to the implementation of this environmental policy. All employees will receive a copy of this policy and be educated about our organization’s efforts to improve our environmental performance. Employees at all levels of the company will be involved in supporting our goals.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is long-term. A healthy environment benefits everyone – employees, fans, players, sponsors and the community at large.

Environmental Benefits

Drafting an environmental policy sends a message to employees, players, other organizations, sponsors, and fans that your organization considers environmentally intelligent practices an organizational priority. When a company adopts such a policy, it becomes easier to meet these goals.

Examples of Corporate Environmental Policies

Hewlett Packard
JP Morgan